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Results for actor 'Abel Woolrich'

Apocalypto (2006)

In the Maya civilization, a peaceful tribe is brutally attacked by warriors seeking slaves and human beings for sacrifice for their gods. Jaguar Paw hides his pregnant wife and his son in a deep hole nearby their tribe and is captured while fighting with his people. An eclipse spares his life from...

Country: USA | Year: 2006 | Runtime: 139 min
Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure, 2006

Mörderische Frauen (1984)

Six women murderers escape from prison to dug out a gold treasure buried in the woods, but six male campers are sitting on it. Birds get shot, women and men get shot, and the prize goes to the surviving few.

Country: Mexico | Year: 1984 | Runtime: 91 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, Krimi, 1984

Solo (1996)

Mario Van Peebles stars as an android killing weapon designed by the military and utilized to enter into a Latin American war to destroy the rebels - natives fighting simply to maintain their freedom. Contrary to his programming, he develops an affinity for the villagers and decides to help them...

Country: USA | Year: 1996 | Runtime: 1h 34min
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, 1996
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