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Results for actor 'Abby Elliott'

How I Met Your Mother *german subbed*

The year is 2030. Ted Mosby is relaying the story of how he met his wife to his daughter and son. The story starts in the year 2005, when then twenty-seven year old architect Ted was spurred on to want to get married after lawyer Marshall Eriksen and kindergarten teacher Lily Aldrin, his best...

Country: USA | Year: 2005 | Runtime: 25 min.
Genre: Comedy, Romantik, 2005

Late Show with David Letterman

David Letterman's comedic talk-show after moving to a new television network. He retains largely the same format as the previous 'Late Night with David Letterman.'

Country: USA | Year: 1993 | Runtime: 60 min.
Genre: Comedy, 1993

Odd Mom Out

The fantastically outrageous world of the uber-wealthy momzillas of New York's Upper East Side.

Country: USA | Year: 2015 | Runtime: 22 min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Komödie, 2015

Life Partners (2014)

Sasha and Paige's co-dependent friendship is tested as Paige gets serious with a guy for the first time.

Country: USA | Year: 2014 | Runtime: 93 min
Genre: Comedy, Romantik, 2014

Better Off Single (2016)

Watch Better Off Single: NYC dating comedy that follows one man's hallucination-fueled post-breakup quest to find new love... and himself. When Charlie Carroll quits his job and his girlfriend on the same day, it seems as though he's finally found freedom. But after a quick dip in the dark waters of...

Year: 2016 | Runtime: 1h 25min
Genre: Comedy, 2016

The Sex Teacher (2014)

Three true stories of teacher-pupil relationships in the age of social media.

Year: 2014 | Runtime: 47min
Genre: Comedy, Romantik, 2014

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon *german subbed*

Jimmy Fallon hosts the Tonight Show and interviews celebrities, plays games with them and has a musical or comedic guest perform.

Year: 2014 | Runtime: 60 min.
Genre: Comedy, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

When a kingpin threatens New York City, a group of mutated turtle warriors must emerge from the shadows to protect their home.

Country: United State | Year: 2014 | Runtime: 1h 41min
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, 2014

Better Off Single (2016)

"Stereotypically You" is the NYC dating comedy that follows one man's hallucination-fueled post-breakup quest to find new love...and himself.

Country: USA | Year: 2016 | Runtime: 1h 25min
Genre: Comedy, 2016

Clara's Ghost (2018)

Set over the course of a single evening in the Reynolds family home in suburban Connecticut, Clara's Ghost tells the story of Clara Reynolds who, fed up with constant ribbing from her ...

Country: USA | Year: 2018 | Runtime: 80 min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, 2018
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