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Results for actor 'Adam Conlon'

Elfen Lied

University students Kohta and Yuka (Kohta's cousin) save a Diclonius girl called "Lucy" when they see her naked in a beach. In fact "Lucy" is a serial killer who is being searched by the government but they are not aware of who "Lucy" really is because her personality is split.

Country: Japan | Year: 2004 | Runtime: 24 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, Romantik, Animation, Sci-Fi, Horror, 2004

Princess Tutu

Ahiru (literally 'Duck' in Japanese), is a petite young girl in a junior high school's beginner ballet program. She's prone to stammering and clutziness. She has a huge crush on her sempai, Mute, a sad-seeming young man who doesn't speak much. Ahiru discovers that Mute is actually the prince out of...

Country: Japan | Year: 2003 | Runtime: 30min
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romantik, Animation, Adventure, 2003
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