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Results for actor 'Adam DeFilippi'

School of the Living Dead - Nachsitzen mit Zombies (2012)

Comedy and Horror unite in this "The Breakfast Club" meets "Shaun of the Dead" tale about a group of oddball high school students who find themselves trapped in detention with their classmates having turned into a horde of Zombies. Can they put their differences aside and work together to survive...

Country: USA | Year: 2012 | Runtime: 87 min
Genre: Comedy, Horror, 2012

Detention of the Dead (2012)

Detention of the Dead is a 2012 zombie comedy-horror film written and directed by Alex Craig Mann based upon the Rob Rinow stage play of the same name. Filming began in Spring 2011. It had a small theatrical release in L.A. on June 28 (2013), and went to DVD on July 23.

Country: USA | Year: 2012 | Runtime: 1h 27min
Genre: Comedy, Horror, 2012
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