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Treffer zu Schauspieler 'Adam Astill'

Holy Water (2009)

The village of Kilcoulins Leap was once a thriving spa town, and was home to a famous Holy Well, but now offers little by way of employment for its people, and its decline seems inexorable. When local Postie, Podger Byrnes, comes up with a plan to hijack a consignment of Viagra, and sell it on the...

Land: UK | Jahr: 2009 | Länge: 93 min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Krimi, 2009

Coupling - Wer mit wem?

Sechs Freunde um die Dreißig versuchen, ihr Beziehungschaos zu bewältigen, und reden darüber. Und vor allem über Sex. Zunächst mal verlässt Steve Taylor (Jack Davenport) seine Freundin, die extrem naive Jane Christie (Gina Bellman), wegen Susan Walker (Sarah Alexander), die mal mit Patrick...

Land: UK | Jahr: 2004 | Länge: 30 min.
Genre: Comedy, 2004

Mistresses - Aus Lust und Leidenschaft

The lives and loves of four female friends: Katie, a doctor having an affair with a patient; Trudi, a 9/11 widow; Siobhan, a barrister; and Jessica, a commitment phobe who plays the field.

Land: UK | Jahr: 2008 | Länge: 60 min
Genre: Drama, 2008

JFK: Seven Days That Made a President (2013)

Watch JFK: Seven Days That Made a President: 'JFK: Seven Days That Made a President' investigates the seven key days in JFK's life that helped shape his character and have come to define him. They include the day he nearly died as a teenager from a mystery illness; the day, as a PT boat captain his...

Jahr: 2013 | Länge: 1h 36min
Genre: Biografie, 2013
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