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Treffer zu Schauspieler 'Ada McAllister'

The Ghastly Ones (1968)

Three married couples are forced to spend the night in a Victorian-era house where they start getting killed off by a deranged psycho who's bent on claiming an inheritence they are all entitled to.

Land: USA | Jahr: 1968 | Länge: 81 min
Genre: Horror, 1968

Blood Rites (2012)

Watch Blood Rites: Heavily influenced by Giallo, Blood Rites is a macabre mystery of murder, drug use and the occult. When the drug deal goes bad and Jason disappears, Nikki is trapped on an upper floor of the warehouse with a vicious ex-military enforcer, a gunshot victim, a violent addict and his...

Land: USA | Jahr: 2012 | Länge: 81 min
Genre: Horror, 2012

The Architect (2016)

An architect engages in conflict with an activist who lives in a dangerous complex the architect designed.

Land: USA | Jahr: 2016 | Länge: 1h 35min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, 2016
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