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Treffer zu Schauspieler 'A.K. Hangal'

Experience (1971)

Watch Experience: This is a bootleg of the only Vancouver show the Jimi Hendrix Experience ever played, just before the release of Electric Ladyland.

Jahr: 1971 | Länge: 2h 19min
Genre: 1971

Shriman Shrimati (1982)

A rich and wealthy couple, Shankarlal and Parvati (Sanjeev Kumar & Raakhee) are appalled at the problems of the world, especially in households, so they decide to try and make things right ...

Land: India | Jahr: 1982 | Länge: 2h 25min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, 1982

Teesri Kasam (1966)

A naive bullock-cart driver falls for a traveling courtesan.

Land: India | Jahr: 1966 | Länge: 2h 39min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romantik, 1966

Anamika (1973)

Anamika is a 6 minute short film, taking you through the journey of a woman's conscious thoughts and feelings. A silent film with only musical and visual expressions!

Land: India | Jahr: 1973 | Länge: 2h 5min
Genre: Romantik, Musik, 1973

Kismat (1995)

Tony works as a hit-man for gangster, Vikas Patil, who owes his allegiance to wealthy Raj Mallya. Raj Mallya is involved in marketing spurious and out-dated drugs, and as a result is the subject of an investigation by the Food & Drugs Administration's inspector Dr. Hargobind Gosai. Raj asks...

Land: India | Jahr: 1995 | Länge: 2h 29min
Genre: Action, Drama, Family, Musik, 1995

Tere Mere Sapne (1996)

Balu (Arshad Warsi) is a slick but flat-broke cabdriver whose life is changed forever when he picks up an unhappy young rich man named Rahul (Chandrachur Singh) at the airport one day

Land: India | Jahr: 1996 | Länge: 2h 26min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romantik, 1996

Sara Akash (1969)

Sara Akash (English: The Whole Sky) is a 1969 Hindi film directed by Basu Chatterjee, based on first part of novel Sara Akash (The Infinite Cosmos, 1951) by Rajendra Yadav. This was Yadav's debut novel, originally published as Pret Bolte Hain (Ghosts Speak), renamed in 1960, the title in turn was...

Land: India | Jahr: 1969 | Länge: 1h 40min
Genre: Drama, 1969

Thakshak (1999)

Thakshak (Hindi: तक्षक) is a 1999 action-drama Hindi film written and directed by Govind Nihalani. Touted as Nihalani's attempt at popular cinema, this film starred Ajay Devgan, Tabu and Rahul Bose in the lead roles. The soundtrack was composed by A. R. Rahman.

Land: India | Jahr: 1999 | Länge: 2h 43min
Genre: Action, Drama, Krimi, 1999

Namak Haraam (1973)

Somnath (Somu) lives in a shanty house in a Delhi slum with his widowed mom, and unmarried sister, Sarla. He is friendly with Calcutta-based wealthy Vikram (Vicky) Maharaj. When Vicky's dad, Damodar, has a heart attack and is advised to take bed-rest for two months, Vicky fills in his father's...

Land: India | Jahr: 1973 | Länge: 2h 26min
Genre: Drama, 1973

Mukti (1977)

Kailash Sharma is found guilty of sexually molesting Shanno and killing Dheeraj Kumar Verma, and sentenced to be hanged by the Jammu & Kashmir Sessions Court. After his appeals at both High and Supreme Courts fail, he asks his wife, Seema, to take their daughter, Pinky, and re-locate elsewhere....

Land: India | Jahr: 1977 | Länge: 2h 30min
Genre: Drama, Krimi, Romantik, 1977

Guddi (1971)

A teenage girl will not accept her family's attempt to arrange a marriage for her, as her heart is currently too full of love for the movies and heartthrob actor "Dharmendra."

Land: India | Jahr: 1971 | Länge: 2h 1min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, 1971

Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978)

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram is a Malayalam language film. It was released in 2000. The movie had Kunchacko Boban and Aswathi in the lead roles and Balachandra Menon, Harisree Ashokan, Cochin Haneefa, Machan Varghese, Jagathi Sreekumar etc. in the supporting roles.

Land: India | Jahr: 1978 | Länge: 2h 52min
Genre: Drama, Romantik, 1978

Thodisi Bewafaii (1980)

Arvind Kumar Choudhary is widowed, respectable and wealthy businessman, who lives with his only son, Arun, in a palatial house. He re-marries another woman, Sujata, who is a widow, with two daughters, Veena and Seema. Arun does not respect her and refuses to even speak with her. Arun meets Neema...

Land: India | Jahr: 1980 | Länge: 2h 30min
Genre: Drama, 1980

Kora Kagaz (1974)

Archana, an educated daughter of retired principal loves Professor Sukhesh. This love born out of intellectual impact is supported by the fond hopes of her father that leads to matrimonial alliance. Archana's mother is of a different class with materialistic notions of life and she too unwillingly...

Land: India | Jahr: 1974 | Länge: 2h 5min
Genre: Drama, Romantik, Family, Musik, 1974

Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985)

Ganga Singh lives near Gangotri with her brother, Karam. One day she comes to the assistance of a young man, Narendra Sahay, who has come with a group of Calcutta-based college students to study the source of the holy river Ganga, and to get some holy water for his wheelchair-bound paternal grandma....

Land: India | Jahr: 1985 | Länge: 2h 58min
Genre: Drama, Romantik, Musik, 1985

Dacait (1987)

Dacait is an Indian film directed by Rahul Rawail and released in 1987. The movie stars Sunny Deol, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Raakhee, Raza Murad. It is based on the how a simple living guy transforms into a dacoit after being oppressed by the Zamindars of the area. The plot is based in the Chambal area...

Land: India | Jahr: 1987 | Länge: 2h 38min
Genre: Action, Drama, 1987

Kali Ghata (1980)

When a young woman is pushed off a boat, she must unmask her would-be killer.

Land: India | Jahr: 1980 | Länge: 2h 11min
Genre: Romantik, 1980

Khud-Daar (1982)

Khud-Daar is a 1982 Indian Hindi movie directed by Ravi Tandon. The music is by Rajesh Roshan and the lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri. The film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Parveen Babi, Vinod Mehra, Sanjeev Kumar, Prem Chopra, Mehmood, Bindiya Goswami and Tanuja in pivotal roles. It was remade in Tamil as...

Land: India | Jahr: 1982 | Länge: 2h 49min
Genre: Action, Drama, Family, 1982

Abhimaan (1973)

Subeer Kumar (Amitabh) is well on his way to becoming India's top pop singer. He has no intention of getting married, but when he goes to visit his Durga Mausi (Mausi=mother's sister), he falls in love with religious, simple Uma, by whose voice he's enchanted. He marries her and returns to Bombay...

Land: India | Jahr: 1973 | Länge: 2h 2min
Genre: Drama, Musik, 1973

Sholay (1975)

Im gesetzlosen Ödland um das Dorf Ramgarh treibt der gefürchtete Bandit Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan) sein Unwesen. Polizist Thakur (Sanjeev Kumar) fasst den Schurken, der jedoch kurz darauf wieder entkommt. Kaltblütig und brutal rächt sich Gabbar an Thakur und seiner Familie. Der Polizist heuert...

Land: India | Jahr: 1975 | Länge: 3h 18min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, 1975
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