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Treffer zu Schauspieler 'Adam Cardon'

Hayride 2 (2015)

The end of one journey only marks the beginning of another as Detective Loomis returns to uncover the truth behind the Legend of Pitchfork.

Land: USA | Jahr: 2015 | Länge: 1h 32min
Genre: Action, Horror, 2015

Ark (2005)

Ark takes place on a dying alien world in which a global war between two technologically advanced human civilizations has reduced the planet to a wasteland. The only way to escape the world is by activating the Ark, an ancient giant robot capable of supporting a human city as well as traveling...

Jahr: 2005
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha, 2005

Sons Of Liberty (2013)

A special operations unit races to find and prevent the construction of a devastating micro nuclear device created by a group of radical mercenaries whose political beliefs blur the line between terrorist and revolutionary.

Land: United State | Jahr: 2013 | Länge: 4h 30min
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, 2013
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