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Results for actor 'A. Karunanidhi'

Agathiyar (1972)

Chronicling the life of Shivji's creation Agastya Muni, one of the Saat-Rishis, who was born to Bhargava and Indumati in Gujarat; went on to marry Rajkumari Lopamudra, and sired two sons. ...

Country: India | Year: 1972 | Runtime: 2h 33min
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, History, 1972

Manthiri Kumari (1950)

Manthiri Kumari (Tamil: மந்திரி குமாரி) is a 1950 Tamil film directed by Ellis R. Dungan and starring M. G. Ramachandran and M. N. Nambiar. The screen play was written by M. Karunanidhi based on an incident from the Tamil epic Kundalakesi. This was the last Tamil film...

Country: India | Year: 1950 | Runtime: 2h 53min
Genre: Drama, 1950

Iruvar Ullam (1963)

Iruvar Ullam (English: Two Hearts) is an upcoming Tamil romantic musical film directed and filmed by Ramesh G, starring Vinay Rai, Payal Rajput and Archana Gupta.

Country: India | Year: 1963 | Runtime: 2h 45min
Genre: Family, 1963

Veerapandiya Kattabomman (1959)

When the British East India Company forces polygar Kattabomman to pay taxes, levies and be their subsidiary ruler, he openly defies their policy and battles them until his arrest and hanging.

Country: India | Year: 1959 | Runtime: 3h 21min
Genre: Drama, Biografie, History, 1959

Padithal Mattum Podhuma (1962)

Raju (Balaji) the brother of Gopal (Sivaji) plays foul and gets married to Sita (Savitri), the girl originally earmarked for Gopal. Gopal unaware of this selfish move of his brother whom he loves dearly, marries the girl fixed for Raju. But his married life goes for a toss. His highly educated wife,...

Country: India | Year: 1962 | Runtime: 2h 35min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, 1962
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