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Results for actor 'Adam Goldberg'

Miss Nobody (2010)

Sarah Jane McKinney is a secretary for a big pharmaceutical company. Her aspirations are mostly for romance, she's waiting for her knight in shining armor. Looking for a sign of what to do, she applies for an executive position, even though it involves lying in her resume. When she thinks she lands...

Country: USA | Year: 2010 | Runtime: 92 min
Genre: Comedy, Krimi, 2010

2 Tage Paris (2007)

2 Jours - 2 Days follows two days in the relationship of a New York based couple - a French photographer Marion and American interior designer Jack - as they attempt to re-infuse their relationship with romance by taking a vacation in Europe. Their trip to Venice didn't really work out, - they both...

Country: France, Germany | Year: 2007 | Runtime: 96 min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romantik, 2007

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

From the heights of notoriety to the depths of depravity, John Forbes Nash, Jr. experienced it all. A mathematical genius, he made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood on the brink of international acclaim. But the handsome and arrogant Nash soon found himself on a painful and...

Country: USA | Year: 2001 | Runtime: 135 min
Genre: Drama, Romantik, Biografie, 2001

Deja Vu (2006)

A ferry filled with crewmen from the USS Nimitz and their families was blown up in New Orleans on Mardi Gras. BATF Doug Carlin is brought in to assist in the massive investigation, and gets attached to an experimental FBI surveillance unit, one that uses spacefolding technology to directly look back...

Country: USA, UK | Year: 2006 | Runtime: 126 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Krimi, Sci-Fi, 2006

Wie werde ich ihn los in 10 Tagen (2003)

Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive competing with two female co-workers for a major campaign for a diamond merchant. He cuts a deal with his competitors that the account is his if he can make a woman of their choice fall in love with him in 10 days. In comes Andie Anderson who, in turn, is...

Country: USA, Germany | Year: 2003 | Runtime: 116 min
Genre: Comedy, Romantik, 2003

Der Soldat James Ryan (1998)

Opening with the Allied invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion under Cpt. Miller fight ashore to secure a beachhead. Amidst the fighting, two brothers are killed in action. Earlier in New Guinea, a third brother is KIA. Their mother, Mrs. Ryan, is to receive all...

Country: USA | Year: 1998 | Runtime: 169 min
Genre: Action, Drama, Krieg, 1998

Ein Monster in Paris (2011)

Paris,1910. Emile, a shy movie projectionist, and Raoul, a colorful inventor, find themselves embarked on the hunt for a monster terrorizing citizens. They join forces with Lucille, the big-hearted star of the Rare Bird cabaret, an eccentric scientist and his irascible monkey to save the monster,...

Country: France | Year: 2011 | Runtime: 90 min
Genre: Comedy, Animation, 2011

From Within (2008)

In a small Maryland town, the suicide of an outcast teenager triggers a string of violent suicides. These suicides seem to stem from a curse which spreads when any person, who witnesses the suicide, is possessed by an evil force that appears as the person's doppelganger that only they can see. A...

Country: USA | Year: 2008 | Runtime: 89 min
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Mystery, 2008

Schweinchen Babe in der großen Stadt (1998)

After Babe's great victory in the shepherding contest, Farmer Arthur Hoggett turns down all offers to make money with his pig's talents. But when he gets hurt severely in the well, his wife has to take up farming. She does her best but cannot meet the bank's requirements, which results in the...

Country: Australia | Year: 1998 | Runtime: 97 min
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Family, Adventure, 1998

Stay Alive (2006)

Loomis Crowley is testing the underground game Stay Alive with his friends Sarah and Rex. When the game is over, Loomis finds Rex and Sarah dead in their room, and he is pushed by a shadow from the staircase, breaking the banister and hanging the same way he died in the game. Loomis' sister, Emma,...

Country: USA | Year: 2006 | Runtime: 85 min
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror, 2006

The Salton Sea - Die Zeit der Rache (2002)

After the murder of his beloved wife, Danny Parker is set adrift in a world where nothing is as it seems. On his journey he befriends slacker Jimmy the Finn and becomes involved in rescuing his neighbor Colette from her own demons. Danny is antagonized by undercover narcotics agents and sadistic...

Country: USA | Year: 2002 | Runtime: 103 min
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Krimi, Mystery, 2002

Anna Nicole - Leben und Tod eines Playmates (2013)

Anna Nicole Smith was a single mother from Texas who became the biggest supermodel in the world, but her sudden catapult to fame came with a price, as drugs, alcohol and reckless behavior led her down a tragic path.

Country: USA | Year: 2013 | Runtime: 85 min
Genre: Drama, Biografie, 2013

God's Army - Die letzte Schlacht (1995)

Angels come to Earth to find a human soul that can end the war in heaven. Humans are caught up in this battle and must find a way to stop the angel Gabriel before he takes the soul back from where the angel Simon has hidden it.

Country: USA | Year: 1995 | Runtime: 98 min
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, 1995

Man About Town (2006)

A top Hollywood talent agent finds his cushy existence threatened when he discovers that his wife is cheating on him and that his journal has been swiped by a reporter out to bring him down.

Country: USA | Year: 2006 | Runtime: 96 min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, 2006


Seventeen year-old Kim is the pride and joy of her father Bryan Mills. Bryan is a retired agent who left the Central Intelligence Agency to be near Kim in California. Kim lives with her mother Lenore and her wealthy stepfather Stuart. Kim manages to convince her reluctant father to allow her to...

Country: France | Year: 2008 | Runtime: 93 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, Krimi, Sci-Fi, 2008, 2016

NYC 22

From Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal comes NYC 22, which follows six diverse NYPD rookies as they patrol the gritty streets of upper Manhattan...  

Country: USA | Year: 2012 | Runtime: 60 min
Genre: Drama, Krimi, 2012

NYC 22 *german subbed* (2012)

From Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal comes NYC 22, which follows six diverse NYPD rookies as they patrol the gritty streets of upper Manhattan...  

Country: USA | Year: 2012 | Runtime: 60 min.
Genre: Drama, 2012

The Unusuals

Darkly comedic drama focusing on the dysfunctional cops and staff of an infamous NYPD precinct.

Country: USA | Year: 2009 | Runtime: 60 min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, 2009

Sunset Strip (2012)

Watch Sunset Strip: A day in Hollywood, 1972, with young people looking for the 24 hours that will change their lives. Zach will open that night for a British rocker at Whisky a Go-Go; he lives in a canyon and plays impromptu duets with a mysterious guitarist he doesn't see. Tammy is a costume...

Country: USA | Year: 2012 | Runtime: 1h 30min
Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Drama, 2012

The Force (2016)

Watch The Force: When a police officer is killed in the line of duty, his soul enters into the body of a young officer to seek revenge for his murder. However, when the spirit takes over, the officer is unaware of what is going on and most think he is in need of a psychiatrist, including the wife of...

Country: USA | Year: 2016 | Runtime: 1h 40min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Horror, Dokumentation, 2016
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