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Treffer zu Regisseur 'Andy Milligan'

The Ghastly Ones (1968)

Three married couples are forced to spend the night in a Victorian-era house where they start getting killed off by a deranged psycho who's bent on claiming an inheritence they are all entitled to.

Land: USA | Jahr: 1968 | Länge: 81 min
Genre: Horror, 1968

Blood Rites (2012)

Watch Blood Rites: Heavily influenced by Giallo, Blood Rites is a macabre mystery of murder, drug use and the occult. When the drug deal goes bad and Jason disappears, Nikki is trapped on an upper floor of the warehouse with a vicious ex-military enforcer, a gunshot victim, a violent addict and his...

Land: USA | Jahr: 2012 | Länge: 81 min
Genre: Horror, 2012

Torture Dungeon (1970)

Watch Torture Dungeon: The sudden decapitation of Lord Harkin has the Kingdom, as well it should, in a state of fear. For it is well known to one and all of the citizens around and about that Norman, the evil Duke of Norwich (played by who cares) and his buddies, bimbos and cohorts over at---Drum...

Jahr: 1970 | Länge: 1h 17min
Genre: Drama, Horror, 1970

The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! (1972)

The daughter in a family of werewolves decides to put an end to the family curse.

Land: USA, UK | Jahr: 1972 | Länge: 1h 31min
Genre: Horror, 1972

Bloodthirsty Butchers (1970)

Sweeney Todd, a barber, and Maggie Lovett, a baker, join forces to commit a series of brutal, gory murders in London with a little help from Tobias Ragg, an employee of Maggie' bakery who abducts a number of customers from the barber shop and kills them and helps the couple make "meat...

Land: USA, UK | Jahr: 1970 | Länge: 1h 19min
Genre: Horror, 1970

Monstrosity (1987)

A rich but unscrupulous old woman plots with a scientist to have her brain implanted in the skull of a sexy young woman.

Land: USA | Jahr: 1987 | Länge: 1h 32min
Genre: Comedy, Horror, 1987

Guru, The Mad Monk (1970)

A deranged 15th Century prison colony chaplain exploits his power to get money for his church including murder and grave robbing committed by his vampire mistress and one-eyed hunchback assistant.

Land: USA | Jahr: 1970 | Länge: 1h 2m
Genre: Horror, 1970
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