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Results for director 'Anthony Pettine'

Shadowboxer (2005)

Mikey and Rose are professional assassins. They are also lovers, and once upon a time Rose also knew Mikey's father. During an elaborate hit job for a malicious gangster, Rose fails to kill the main target, the gangster's pregnant girlfriend. Instead, she delivers her baby and convinces Mikey to...

Country: USA | Year: 2005 | Runtime: 93 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, Krimi, 2005

Black Swan (2010)

Nina (Portman) is a ballerina in a New York City ballet company whose life, like all those in her profession, is completely consumed with dance. She lives with her obsessive former ballerina mother Erica (Hershey) who exerts a suffocating control over her. When artistic director Thomas Leroy...

Country: USA | Year: 2010 | Runtime: 108 min
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery, 2010

Captivity (2007)

Top cover girl and fashion model, Jennifer Tree has it all - beauty, fame, money and power. Her face appears on covers of hundreds of magazines. At the top of her game, Jennifer is America's sweetheart. She is loved and adored and sought after. Everyone wants her. But someone out there has been...

Country: USA, Russia | Year: 2007 | Runtime: 96 min
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Krimi, Horror, 2007

Party Monster (2003)

Set in the New York club scene of the late 1980's thru the 1990's, a tale which chronicles the rise and fall of club-kid promoter Michael Alig, a party organizer, whose extravagant life was sent spiralling downward when he boasted on television that he had killed his friend, roommate, and drug...

Country: USA, Netherlands | Year: 2003 | Runtime: 98 min
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Krimi, Biografie, 2003

The Woodsman (2004)

In the small southern town of Nazareth, each month, for the last four months a girl has disappeared. They find the latest victim dead, tied to a tree, the only witness being her twelve year...

Country: USA | Year: 2004 | Runtime: 1h 27min
Genre: Thriller, Drama, 2004

Diggers (2006)

A story about a tight-knit group of friends, who try to maintain their small-town way of life in the face of enormous changes in 1970s Long Island.

Country: USA | Year: 2006 | Runtime: 1h 36min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, 2006
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