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Treffer zu Regisseur 'Anthony Page'

Absolution (2015)

Pater Goddard führt mit unnachgiebiger Strenge die St.-Anthony-Klosterschule für Knaben, die sich im Herzen des katholischen Englands befindet. Benji Stanfield, sein Lieblingsschüler, begeht eines Tages einen Mord und missbraucht danach das Beichtgeheimnis, um Pater Goddard in den Wahnsinn zu...

Land: Romania | Jahr: 2015 | Länge: 95 min.
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, Krimi, Adventure, Mystery, 2015

Bill (2007)

Bill Sackter, a intellectually disabled man, ventures out into the world for the first time, having spent most of his life in a dreary inner city institution. He is taken in by a kind ...

Land: USA | Jahr: 2007 | Länge: 1h 33min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, 2007

Bill (2015)

What really happened during Shakespeare's 'Lost Years'? Hopeless lute player Bill Shakespeare leaves his home to follow his dream.

Land: UK | Jahr: 2015 | Länge: 1h 34min
Genre: Comedy, Family, History, 2015

Murder: By Reason of Insanity (1985)

Watch Murder: By Reason of Insanity: A married couple from Poland emigrates to the U.S.,. but things don't turn out as well as they had imaged. The husband's business fails, while his wife's career really takes off. The husband, unable to cope with the pressures of his failed business, his failing...

Jahr: 1985 | Länge: 1h 40min
Genre: Drama, Krimi, 1985

Forbidden (2001)

At his bachelor party, Jason has a one-night fling with Nikki, a radiant beauty with whom he forms an immediate bond. They agree to keep their secret locked away forever. Two years later, Jason, his wife, Andy and his fiancee plan a reunion weekend. Jason is shocked to discover that Andy's fiancee...

Land: USA | Jahr: 2001 | Länge: 1h 24min
Genre: Drama, Romantik, 2001
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