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Das Mädchen Kagome fällt in einen Brunnen und landet im mittelalterlichen Japan. Vom Halbdämon Inuyasha erhält sie den mysteriösen "Juwel der vier Seelen", auf den es allerlei Gestalten abgesehen haben, die nun Jagd auf Kagome machen....

Country: Japan | Year: 2004 | Runtime: 24 min
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Drama, Romantik, Animation, Adventure, Demons, 2004


A young boy sells his soul to a demon in order to avenge his family's death and successfully lead their influential toy manufacturing company. The demon takes the form of a loyal butler who's always dressed in black and is required to protect, serve and arrive whenever summoned by his young master...

Country: Japan | Year: 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Drama, Krimi, Demons, 2014


In a world rife with deadly creatures called "youma", a young silver eyed woman, Clare, works on behalf of an organization that trains female youma halfbreeds into warriors with the ability to destroy these creatures. Considered a rogue for picking up a stray child and almost losing herself to her...

Country: Japan | Year: 2007 | Runtime: 24 min
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Drama, Animation, Adventure, Mystery, Demons, 2007

Sailor Moon

The story centers around an air-headed crybaby, named Usagi, and her friends Ami, Rei, Makato, and Minako. Using special powers, they can transform into Sailor Solders. They become Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus respectfully. They fight for love and...

Country: Canada, Japan | Year: 2000 | Runtime: 24 min
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Comedy, Romantik, Family, Animation, Adventure, Demons, 2000

Sailor Moon Crystal

Usagi Tsukino is chosen to be a guardian of justice and is sent on a quest to locate a Silver Crystal before the Dark Kingdom invades the Earth.

Country: Japan | Year: 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romantik, Animation, Demons, 2014

Wicked City

A pair of LAPD detectives track down serial killers terrorizing the Sunset Strip.

Country: USA | Year: 1992 | Runtime: 42 min
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Adventure, Demons, 1992


Young amnesiac finds out that the army he was forced to join destroyed his father's kingdom. He finds shelter in a church and discovers that demons are trying to invade the world. He must find his past, vengeance and save the world.

Country: Japan | Year: 2009
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Animation, Demons, 2009


The story follows the strongest juvenile delinquent, Oga Tatsumi, he is a first year in Ishiyama High, the school for delinquents. The story starts as he is telling the story of how he found the baby to his best (and only) friend Furuichi Takayuki. One day while fishing by the river (actually,...

Country: Japan | Year: 2011
Genre: Action, Comedy, Animation, Demons, 2011


Gatsu was brought up by a mercenary group since birth. After killing his guardian in self-defence, he runs away. Years later, he encounters Griffith and The Band of the Hawk. The Hawks fight for the King of Midland, and after winning the 100-year war against the neighbouring Chuda, they become the...

Country: Japan | Year: 1997 | Runtime: 22 min
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Drama, Romantik, Horror, Adventure, Demons, 1997

Blood Lad

Blood Lad follows Staz, a vampire from the Demon World who avoids is an otaku for human goods - especially manga and anime. The accidental arrival of Fuyumi Yanagi, who wandered into the Demon World through a portal, changes his life. Whilst he fights a territory rival she is eaten by a carnivorous...

Country: Japan | Year: 2013 | Runtime: 2h 32min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Animation, Demons, Anime, 2013

Chrono Crusade

The Roaring 20's a time of prosperity. Jazz is king, the Mob rules the streets, and Demons are running a mock. Enter Sister Rosette Christopher, of the Order of Magdaline, an elite group out to destroy the evil. Along with her faithful companion and contractor Chrono, a devil, they go on wild gun...

Country: Japan | Year: 2003
Genre: Action, Romantik, Animation, Demons, 2003

Dance with Devils

Ritsuka Tachibana has always been a good student, so she is completely shocked when she is suddenly summoned by the student council. When her mother gets kidnapped, her life is turned upside down, and Ritsuka gets drawn into a world of vampires and devils. Both groups are searching for the...

Country: Japan | Year: 2015 | Runtime: 23 min
Genre: Romantik, Demons, 2015

Devil May Cry

Dante, a superhuman son of a powerful murdered demon and human woman and a master of gun and sword, runs a demon hunting agency. Despite financial troubles, he never loses his cool since work always comes calling sooner or later.

Country: Japan | Year: 2007
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Animation, Horror, Demons, 2007

God Eater

Set in a post-apocalyptic Japan in the year 2071. The world has been mostly destroyed by mysterious monsters known as the Aragami. An organization known as Fenrir was made to exterminate Aragami using 'God Arcs', weapons made from Aragami cells. Those who specialize in exterminating Aragami are...

Country: Japan | Year: 2015 | Runtime: 24min
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Animation, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Demons, Anime, 2015

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Nanami Momozono's dad skips town, she is then visited by debt collectors and kicked out of her home. So when a man offers her his home, she immediately accepts. The place is a shrine, and Nanami has unknowingly taken over his job as a local deity.

Country: Japan | Year: 2012
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romantik, Animation, Demons, 2012


Yoshimori and Tokine are just your average kids go to the same school and they also happen to be neighbors. During the day they go their separate ways but at night they both have to go protect the land of Karosumari. A job passed down to them from generations of Kekkaishi in both of their families....

Country: Japan | Year: 2006 | Runtime: 24min
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Demons, 2006

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Yako’s father was murdered in a locked room. She then meets a man named Neuro Nougami who is a demon from Hell who eats “riddles.” He forces Yako to act as a detective so he can solve mysteries. Neuro longs to eat the ultimate mystery.

Year: 2007 | Runtime: 13min
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Demons, 2007

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

After a long and treacherous journey, our Hero finally arrives at the Dark Lady's castle only to find himself being asked for help. The Hero explains how the war that the demons have brought upon the humans have killed thousands and put more in misery. The queen of demons however argues that this...

Country: Japan | Year: 2013
Genre: Fantasy, Romantik, Adventure, Demons, 2013

Nurarihyon no Mago

Rikuo Nura appears to be an average middle school student. No one knows that he comes home every day to a house full of youkai, nor that he transforms into the all-powerful leader of these spirits at night. However, much to the disappointment of many, Rikuo is determined to live as normal a life as...

Country: Japan | Year: 2010
Genre: Action, Animation, Demons, 2010

Omamori Himari

Seven years ago, Yuto Amakawa 's parents died in a car accident, leaving him alone without a single relative, the only item left of his family being a strange and mysterious amulet given to him by his late grandmother. Ever since then, his childhood friend Rinko Kuzaki has cooked for and taken care...

Country: Japan | Year: 2010 | Runtime: 22min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romantik, Animation, Demons, 2010
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