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It's My Turn (1980)

Watch It's My Turn: Chicago-based college mathematics professor Kate Gunzinger is at a complicated stage of her life. She has just moved in with her boyfriend, Homer, a builder, the move more out of a sense of "why not" than a compelling reason to do so. Their relationship is based on giving the other a total sense of freedom, which includes not being emotionally invested in the other's life. She has an interview for a job in New York City, which is more administrative than research, the balance which she could tolerate more than prefer. If she gets offered the job, she will not truly consider Homer in whether to accept it or not. Her widowed father Jacob is getting remarried in New York City at the same...

Länge: 1h 31min
IMDB: 6.1/10 (152 votes)
Genre: , ,



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