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Results for actor 'John Travolta'

Michael (1996)

Frank Quinlan and Huey Driscoll, two reporters from a Chicago-based tabloid, along with Dorothy Winters, an 'angel expert', are asked to travel to rural Iowa to investigate a claim from an old woman that she shares her house with a real, live archangel named Michael. Upon arrival, they see that her...

Country: USA | Year: 1996 | Runtime: 105 min
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, 1996

Mit aller Macht (1998)

Jack Stanton is running for president. The election is seen through the eyes of young Henry Burton. Along the way Stanton must deal with a sex scandal.

Country: USA | Year: 1998 | Runtime: 143 min.
Genre: Comedy, Drama, 1998

Old Dogs - Daddy oder Deal (2009)

Charlie and Dan have been best friends and business partners for thirty years; their Manhattan public relations firm is on the verge of a huge business deal with a Japanese company. With two weeks to sew up the contract, Dan gets a surprise: a woman he married on a drunken impulse nearly nine years...

Country: USA | Year: 2009 | Runtime: 88 min.
Genre: Comedy, Family, 2009

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega are two hitmen who are out to retrieve a suitcase stolen from their employer, mob boss Marsellus Wallace. Wallace has also asked Vincent to take his wife Mia out a few days later when Wallace himself will be out of town. Butch Coolidge is an aging boxer who is paid...

Country: USA | Year: 1994 | Runtime: 154 min
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Krimi, 1994

From Paris with Love (2010)

James Reece is an ambitious aide to the U.S. Ambassador in Paris, doing little jobs for the CIA and hoping to get into black ops. On the night he and his girlfriend, Caroline, become engaged, he's told to pick up Charlie Wax at Orly. Charlie is an unorthodox government employee - large, bald and...

Country: France, USA | Year: 2010 | Runtime: 92 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Krimi, 2010

Basic - Hinter jeder Lüge eine Wahrheit (2003)

Tom Hardy, an ex-Army Ranger turned DEA agent, is drawn into an ever-widening mystery surrounding the disappearance of the feared and often hated Sgt. Nathan West, as well as several of his elite Special Forces trainees on what appears, at first, to have been a routine training exercise during a...

Country: USA, Germany | Year: 2003 | Runtime: 98 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, Krimi, Mystery, 2003

Battlefield Earth - Kampf um die Erde (2000)

In the year 3000, humanity is no match for the Psychlos, a greedy, manipulative race on a quest for ultimate profit. Led by the seductive and powerful Terl, the Psychlos are stripping Earth of its resources, using the broken remnants of humanity as slaves. What is left of the human race has reverted...

Country: USA | Year: 2000 | Runtime: 118 min
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Krieg, 2000

Be Cool (2005)

Streetwise mobster-turned-movie producer Chili Palmer is back, but this time Chili has abandoned the fickle movie industry and veered into the music business, tangling with Russian mobsters and gangsta rappers and taking a talented, feisty young singer named Linda Moon under his wing. From the...

Country: USA | Year: 2005 | Runtime: 118 min
Genre: Comedy, Krimi, 2005

Blow out - Der Tod löscht alle Spuren (1981)

This stylish Brian De Palma thriller plays off the theme of the unsuspecting witness who discovers a crime and is thereby put in grave danger, but with a novel twist. Jack Terry is a master sound recordist who works on grade-B horror movies. Late one evening, he is recording sounds for use in his...

Country: USA | Year: 1981 | Runtime: 107 min
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Krimi, Mystery, 1981

Born to be wild - Saumäßig unterwegs (2007)

Four middle-aged men decide to take a road trip from Cincinnati to the Pacific in order to get away from their lives which are leading them nowhere. Taking their motorcycles, these "Wild Hogs" tear up the road and eventually stop in New Mexico for a drink not knowing that the bar belongs to the "Del...

Country: USA | Year: 2007 | Runtime: 100 min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, 2007

Bubble Trouble - The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976)

Based on a true story, Tod Lubitch is born with a deficient immune system (which is unlike being born with AIDS). As such, he must spend the rest of his life in a completely sterile environment. His room is completely hermetically sealed against bacteria and virus, his food is specially prepared,...

Country: USA | Year: 1976 | Runtime: 96 min
Genre: Drama, Romantik, 1976

Carrie - Des Satans jüngste Tochter (1976)

Carrie White is a shy young girl who doesn't make friends easily. After her class mates taunt her about her horrified reaction to her totally unexpected first period one of them takes pity on her and gets Tommy Ross, her boyfriend and class hunk to invite Carrie to the senior prom. Meanwhile another...

Country: USA | Year: 1976 | Runtime: 98 min
Genre: Drama, Horror, 1976

Der schmale Grat (1998)

In World War II, the outcome of the battle of Guadalcanal will strongly influence the Japanese advance into the Pacific theater. A group of young soldiers is brought in as a relief for the battle-weary Marines. The exhausting fight for a strategically-positioned airfield that allows control over a...

Country: USA | Year: 1998 | Runtime: 170 min
Genre: Drama, Krieg, 1998

Die Entführung der U-Bahn Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)

In early afternoon, four armed men hijack a subway train in Manhattan. They stop on a slight incline, decoupling the first car to let the rest of the train coast back. Their leader is Ryder; he connects by phone with Walter Garber, the dispatcher watching that line. Garber is a supervisor...

Country: USA, UK | Year: 2009 | Runtime: 106 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Krimi, 2009

Grease (1978)

A musical about teens in love in the 50's! It's California, 1959 and greaser Danny Zuko and Australian Sandy Olsson are in love. They spend time at the beach, but when they go back to school, what either of them don't know is that they both now attend Rydell High. Danny's the leader of the T-Birds,...

Country: USA | Year: 1978 | Runtime: 110 min
Genre: Comedy, Romantik, 1978

Hairspray (2007)

Tracy Turnblad, an overweight teenager with all the right moves, is obsessed with the Corny Collins Show. Every day after school, she and her best friend Penny run home to watch the show and drool over the hot Link Larkin, much to Tracy's mother Edna's dismay. After one of the stars of the show...

Country: USA, UK | Year: 2007 | Runtime: 117 min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romantik, Musik, 2007

Im Feuer (2004)

Under the watchful eye of his mentor Captain Mike Kennedy, probationary firefighter Jack Morrison matures into a seasoned veteran at a Baltimore fire station. Jack has reached a crossroads, however, as the sacrifices he's made have put him in harm's way innumerable times and significantly impacted...

Country: USA | Year: 2004 | Runtime: 115 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, 2004

Im Körper des Feindes (1997)

Sean Archer, a very tough, rugged FBI Agent. Who is still grieving for his dead son Michael. Archer believes that his son's killer is his sworn enemy, a very powerful criminal, Castor Troy. One day, Archer has finally cornered Castor, however, their fight has knocked out Troy cold. As Archer finally...

Country: USA | Year: 1997 | Runtime: 138 min
Genre: Thriller, Action, Krimi, Sci-Fi, 1997

Kuck mal wer da jetzt spricht! (1993)

In this, the third film, it's the pets who do the talking. The Ubriacco's find themselves the owners of two dogs, Rocks, a street wise cross breed, and Daphne, a spoiled pedigree poodle. James has a new job, pilot to the sexy and lonely Samantha. Mollie's just lost hers and is stuck at home.

Country: USA | Year: 1993 | Runtime: 96 min
Genre: Comedy, Romantik, Family, 1993

Kuck mal wer da spricht! (1989)

Mollie is a single mum who's on the lookout for a reliable and normal boyfriend. Her son Mikey, (unbeknownst to her) seems to have a better idea of which of the men she dates would make a good father figure! If only she could understand him...

Country: USA | Year: 1989 | Runtime: 93 min
Genre: Comedy, Romantik, 1989
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