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Melody wächst in einem traumhaften Schloss auf und könnte eigentlich glücklich sein, wäre da nicht die magische Anziehungskraft des Meeres. Gegen alle Warnungen stürzt sie sich in die Fluten und damit in ein atemberaubendes Unterwasserabenteuer: Im spannenden Kampf um die Herrschaft über die...

Country: USA | Runtime: 75 min.
Genre: Fantasy, Romantik, Family, Animation

Billy & Mandys Big Boogey Adventure (2007)

Schnapp Dir die Beute! Billy, Mandy und Grim gegen den Sensenmann: Eine heldenhafte Geschichte über Monster-Piraten, supermoderne Roboter, gemeine Gerätschaften und über den Schnodder. Gruseliger geht’s nicht!

Country: USA | Year: 2007 | Runtime: 70 min.
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation, Adventure, 2007

Cinderella - Wahre Liebe siegt (2007)

Lady Tremaine gets her hands on the Fairy Godmother's wand, then turns back time to the day Cinderella tried on the glass slipper. She enlarges the slipper to fit one of the stepsisters, Anastasia, then erases Prince Charming's memories of meeting Cinderella. Now, Cinderella must foil Lady...

Country: USA | Year: 2007 | Runtime: 70 min
Genre: Fantasy, Romantik, Family, Animation, 2007

Cinderella 2 - Träume werden wahr (2002)

The movie explores Cinderella's "happily ever after" life as a princess in 3 stories, with help from the Fairy Godmother. First, Cinderella's awkward first days at the palace, when she tried so hard to fit in that she forgot to be herself. Second, how Jaq felt so left out that he wished to be a...

Country: USA | Year: 2002 | Runtime: 73 min
Genre: Fantasy, Romantik, Family, Animation, 2002

Wolves (2014)

The coming-of-age story of Cayden Richards. Forced to hit the road after the murder of his parents, Cayden wanders, lost, without purpose... Until he meets a certifiable lunatic named Wild Joe, who sets him on a path to the ominous town of Lupine Ridge, to hunt down the truths of his history. But in...

Country: France, Canada | Year: 2014 | Runtime: 91 min
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Drama, Horror, Western, 2014

Lilo & Stitch 2 - Stitch völlig abgedreht (2005)

Taking place between the original "Lilo and Stitch" and "Stitch: The Movie", "Lilo and Stitch 2" finds the rowdy extraterrestrial getting used to life with his new ohana. However, a malfunction in the ultimate creation of Dr. Jumba soon emerges, which reinstates his destructive programming and...

Country: USA | Year: 2005 | Runtime: 68 min
Genre: Comedy, Family, Animation, Sci-Fi, 2005

Mickys Grösstes Weihnachtsfest (2001)

After everyone is snowed in at the House of Mouse, Mickey suggests they throw their own Christmas party. Everyone is happy, except for Donald who just isn't in to the Christmas spirit. So Mickey shows a series of cartoons that show just what Christmas is all about. It features a star studded cast of...

Country: USA | Year: 2001 | Runtime: 65 min
Genre: Comedy, Family, Animation, Adventure, 2001

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

When Lex Luthor gets elected US President, he uses the threat of an oncoming kryptonite meteor striking Earth as a rationale to frame Superman.

Country: USA | Runtime: 67 min
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Drama, Animation

Wolves - Die Letzten ihrer Art (2014)

The coming-of-age story of Cayden Richards. Forced to hit the road after the murder of his parents, Cayden wanders, lost, without purpose... Until he meets a certifiable lunatic named Wild Joe, who sets him on a path to the ominous town of Lupine Ridge, to hunt down the truths of his history. But in...

Country: France, Canada | Year: 2014 | Runtime: 91 min
Genre: Action, Horror, 2014

Arielle, die Meerjungfrau - Wie alles begann (2008)

The kingdom of Atlantica where music is forbidden, the youngest daughter of King Triton, named Ariel, discovers her love to an underground music club and sets off to a daring adventure to bring restoration of music back to Atlantica.

Country: USA | Year: 2008 | Runtime: 77 min
Genre: Fantasy, Family, Animation, 2008

Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014)

Batman works desperately to find a bomb planted by the Joker while Amanda Waller hires her newly formed Suicide Squad to break into Arkham Asylum to recover vital information stolen by the Riddler.

Country: USA | Year: 2014 | Runtime: 75 min
Genre: Action, Krimi, Animation, 2014

Superman vs. The Elite (2012)

The Man of Steel finds himself outshone by a new team of ruthless superheroes who hold his idealism in contempt.

Country: USA | Year: 2012 | Runtime: 76 min
Genre: 2012

Pinky und der Brain

Produzent der Serie war Steven Spielberg. Immer wieder brechen die Mäuse Pinky und Brain aus dem Tierversuchslabor aus, um die Weltherrschaft zu erobern. Pinky ist ein großer Verrückter mit einem derben Wortschatz, Brain ein kleiner Intelligenter, der Pinkys Mängel ausgleicht. Die 25...

Country: USA | Year: 1998 | Runtime: 30 min.
Genre: Comedy, Family, Animation, 1998

Star Wars: The Clone Wars *german subbed*

As the Clone Wars sweep through the galaxy, the heroic Jedi Knights struggle to maintain order and restore peace. More and more systems are falling prey to the forces of the dark side as the Galactic Republic slips further and further under the sway of the Separatists and their never-ending droid...

Country: USA | Year: 2008 | Runtime: 98 min.
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Drama, Family, Animation, Sci-Fi, Adventure, 2008

Fight to the Finish (2016)

Watch Fight to the Finish: A young amateur fighter makes an enemy with a hardened thug when he gets in-between his next-door neighbor and her abusive ex- boyfriend. As his personal life becomes threatened, he realizes he must finish the fight that he started, but this time they'll settle it in the...

Country: USA | Year: 2016 | Runtime: 1h 34min
Genre: Action, Romantik, Sport, 2016

Marvel Anime: X-Men

Ein Hilferuf aus Japan ereilt den Anführer der X-Men, Professor X. Die junge Mutantin Hisako ist verschwunden. Allerdings ist sie kein Einzelfall, immer mehr junge Mutanten in Japan verschwinden auf mysteriöse Weise. Zusammen mit Wolverine, Beast, Cyclops und Storm bricht der Professor nach Japan...

Country: Japan | Year: 2011 | Runtime: 22 min.
Genre: Action, Animation, Sci-Fi, 2011

New Spiderman

After being bitten by a radioactive spider, young Peter Parker finds that he now has spider-like super powers. Hoping to use his new-found abiilties for wealth and fame, he lets his ego blind him to the needs of others, and indirectly causes the death of his uncle Ben when he refuses to help a...

Country: USA | Year: 1993 | Runtime: 23min
Genre: Animation, 1993

Powerpuff Girls

The straight-laced Prof. Utonium's attempt to create perfect little girls accidentally includes "Chemical X", resulting in take-charge red-head Blossom, blonde sweety-pie Bubbles and ready-to-fight brunette Buttercup. These flying, super-strong, karate-chopping girls with the occasional heat vision...

Country: USA, Hong Kong | Runtime: 30min

Totally Spies!

"Totally Spies!" is a fast-paced and fun show that depicts 3 girlfriends 'with an attitude' who have to cope with their daily lives at high school as well as the unpredictable pressures of international espionage. Whether the girls are laying low on a secret island off the coast of Japan, on hands...

Country: France, USA, Canada | Year: 2012 | Runtime: 22min
Genre: Animation, 2012

Wo steckt Carmen Sandiego?

One of Carmen Sandiego's many henchmen has stolen a rare cultural object. The Acme Crime Detective Agency hires three gumshoes (contestants) to find the crook and recover the loot. The gumshoe who captures the crook is then given the chance to locate and capture Carmen Sandiego by locating countries...

Country: USA | Year: 1996 | Runtime: 30min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Krimi, Family, Animation, Adventure, Kurzfilm, Anime, 1994, 1996
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